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For many, this has been an up and down year. Every year brings opportunity for each of us but 2016 has brought an added share of challenge, divisiveness, and struggle.

A couple of months ago our entire team sat down together to see what small part we could do to bring healing and good to the world. Our ambition was small in scale, but colossal in meaning. On the white board was written HOW CAN WE HELP. At Cap That, we work with influencers to bring new products to life and to their fans. Through our influencers, we have the ability to reach tens of millions of people. We could do something but what.

The seeds of HaHaHoliday was born with spontaneity amongst the team. Incredibly everyone shared the same vision. The first words spoken were charity and comedy and from there the concept was clear. If we could make people smile and laugh, if we could raise meaningful amounts of charity for and bring awareness to worthy causes then we would know that we did something. And if we could inspire others to do something that only they can do than we would have started a movement.

HaHaHoliday is about bringing charity and cheer to this holiday season in a way that we at Cap That are uniquely positioned to do. But our ambitions have grown since that first team meeting. Now we want to instigate people to do what they are individually and collectively able to do and we are here to help. Please email us at hahaholiday@capthat.com or post to social media with hashtag #HaHaHoliday with your ideas and together we can create a movement of good.

We are so grateful to all of the influencers that participated in HaHaHoliday.  This would not have been possible without their time and effort. Each product on HaHaHoliday benefits a charity. Even if you have no desire to buy anything, we encourage everyone to please take the time to learn about these meaningful causes and donate to them directly. There is no amount that is too small.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy new year.